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Your imagination is the only limit to things to do at New Mexico Cabin Rentals in Gila, New Mexico.

At New Mexico Cabin Rentals, the pace is slower, making it easy to unplug from the stressful rush of urban life. While there is plenty to do, there are no watches, clocks, itineraries, schedules, and certainly no traffic lights or gridlock to deal with – well, except for the occasional cattle crossing. Activities happen at your own pace and it won't take long for you to reconnect with your own natural rhythm. Here is the list of activities we’ve come up with for activities here at New Mexico Cabin Rentals, but really, your imagination is the only limit to what you can do. 


Bear Creek meanders through nearly 2 miles of New Mexico Cabin Rentals private land and is home to hundreds of migratory and indiginous birds. Giant cottonwood and sycamore trees, piñon, juniper and live oak trees provide the perfect habitat! More ...


Recent Birding Report

Map of Birding Areas in Gila Forest Area

Hiking Opportunities at New Mexico Cabin Rentals

For a relaxing stroll, feel free to walk about on our 360 acres where you can explore nearly 2 miles along Bear Creek, our privately protected riparian area where more than 250 species of native and migratory birds have been documented by the Biological/Ornithological Research Department of the State of New Mexico.  Travel your own path!  Climb to the top of Turtle Rock and explore “Apache Corral.” where legend tells that because of its elevation and 360 degree view, the Apache Indians grazed their horses, spotting danger long before it got close.  Wander the ridges looking for the ancient homes of the Mimbres Indians who lived along Bear Creek 1100 to 1300 years ago. Many examples of the famous Mimbres black/white pottery sherds, tools and weapons can be found, if you look carefully.  At New Mexico Cabin Rentals we don't “make” the trails, we encourage you  to blaze your own!  

For those looking for a more challenging hike, Double E Ranch and New Mexico Cabin Rentals owns one of the few  private access points to nearly 15 square miles of public lands, which adjoins the vast  Gila Wilderness area and Gila National Forest. They share this access with their guests.  Imagine...standing before you is over 3,000,000 acres of mostly untouched, wild, pristine public lands!!   There are also unlimited, endless hiking trails for all levels of hikers in and around Silver City.  Check out the trails posted on websites for  Gila Hike and Bike and the Gila National Forest.

Horseback Riding:

The very best way to experience the 3,000,000 acre Gila National Forest is on the back of a horse,  the original four-wheel drive in New Mexico.   At New Mexico Cabin Rentals you have immediate access to a private trail adjoining nearly 15 square miles of public lands for either hiking or horseback riding. If you’d like to bring your own horse, remember this terrain is rugged and your horse needs to be either acclimated to this type of footing or be shod all around. Our elevation begins at 4800 ft and, depending on your direction and destination, climbs above 7000 ft.  For guided horseback tours Wolfhorse Outfitters offers a variety of options, from short hourly horseback rides to a full day of riding with lunch provided. 

Special thanks to Pierce Williams, owner of PieMan Productions for this stunning photo.  

Mountain Biking in Grant County and the Gila Forest

New Mexico Cabin Rentals is at 4800’ elevation and although we are part of the Gila Desert, it’s high desert, which means there are lots of elevation changes - as much as 2500'. There are box canyons, riverbeds, arroyos and draws, rolling and not so rolling hills. There are trail maps available from Gila Hike and Bike in Silver City, nothing is “lift-assisted”.  If you choose to mountain bike New Mexico Cabin Rentals 360 acre property, remember you have to get yourself back from wherever you go.

Stargazing: Darkest Skies - Brightest Stars!

The night skies here are just amazing which is why amateur and experienced astronomers flock to New Mexico to experience the densely star packed nights. Of course, one of the best places to view the millions of stars is right from the deck of your New Mexico Cabin Rental. Just remember that although New Mexico doesn’t have a lot of bugs, those that are here are attracted to light. To really enjoy the night skies, we recommend you leave your porch light off while sitting outside – you’ll see more stars and attract fewer pesky bugs. For true western ambiance, we’ve provided oil lanterns for your evenings out. If you’d like to get more serious about your nighttime activities, check out the Stars-N-Parks programs, sponsored at City of Rocks State Park by the National Public Observatory. Here's the 2017 Schedule as published by the Deming Headlight. 

Special thanks to David Thornburg for this lovely star-party photo. 

Great American Solar Eclipse!

Use New Mexico Cabin Rentals as THE place to experience the incredible Great American Solar Eclipse phenomenon!  Southwest New Mexico skies offer some of the clearest, darkest skies in the world, the best for stargazing -- or preparing to view this amazing event!  Plan your Star Gazing Party now, at New Mexico Cabin Rentals!

Geo Thermal Hot Springs in the Gila

There are several hot springs in the National Forest and within hiking distance of the visitors center. Temperatures range from hot to very hot. Two of the most popular are Jordan Hot Springs and Lightfeather Hot Springs.