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Easily Accessible Areas to Bird Watch While at New Mexico Cabin Rentals

Where to bird watch in southwest New Mexico?  New Mexico Cabin Rentals offers convenient access to half a dozen (or more!) major riparian habitat types for birders and bird watching enthusiasts to enjoy. Boasting its own private riparian area at New Mexico Cabin Rentals at Bear Creek Canyon, a canopy of giant cottonwood, willow, sycamore and juniper trees offer the perfect habitat and is also adjacent to nearly 25 square miles of public lands, New Mexico Cabin Rentals is perfect to use as your home base while visiting New Mexico.  From mountain spruce and pine above 7000 feet to Sonoran desert, this southwest area offers an incredible range of habitat and bird species, both migratory and indigenous numbering more than 300. For a summary of birding sites in each of these unique habitats, a great resource is the Southwestern New Mexico Audubon website. 

Here is a sampling of some of the more popular bird watching areas near New Mexico Cabin Rentals:

  • Gila River Valley Bird Habitat Area:  The Gila River is New Mexico's last wild river.  Excellent riparian birding may be found among the riparian woods and hillside scrub along the Gila River.  Near the end of April, most spring migrants have arrived.  With comfortable temperatures and good water flow, the  Gila River makes for the perfect bird watching day!  The Gila River Bird Area is located north of Silver City on US 180, near Cliff, on the Bill Evans Lake Road. Follow the paved road past the Lake turning and continue onto the dirt section 1.5 miles. 
  • Bear Creek Riarian Area at the Double E Ranch:  Bear Creek meanders through nearly 2 miles of private land in Gila, NM a few miles before it empties into the Gila River and is home to hundreds of migratory and indigenous birds. Giant cottonwood and sycamore trees, piñon, juniper and live oak trees provide the perfect habitat! 
  • Mangas Springs is a short 20 minute drive from New Mexico Cabin Rentals on Hwy 180 and provides riparian habitat for some 26 species in this diverse habitat of pastures, riparian cottonwoods and marshes.
  • The Gila River Preserve located along Box Canyon Road in Cliff NM near the Gila Bridge just 10 minutes from New Mexico Cabin Rentals you can expect to see Cedar Waxwings flying back and forth along with bright yellow Wilson's Warbler and Yellow Throat drinking and catching insects near the Gila River's edge.  At the Gila River Bridge (Hwy 211) 6 minutes from New Mexico Cabin Rentals Blue Heron forage and Cliff Swallows swoop under the bridge.  In this short distance y ou can find Bewick's Wren, Black-Chinned Humming Bird, Northern Cardinal, Mourning Dove, Gambel's Quail, Eurasian Collard-Dove, Common Yellow Throat, Western Tanager, Plumbious Viero and Vermillion Flycatcher - to  name only a few.
  • Cherry Creek and McMillan Campgrounds: Superb birding is found in the deciduous and coniferous riparian woodland nestled in ponderosa pine forest. Cherry Creek and McMillan are located on NM 15 approx. 15 miles north of Silver City.
  • Fort Bayard Historic District: Various habitats of riparian, oak, pinon-juniper, ponderosa pine woodland and grassland areas provide diverse habitats for many bird species. From Silver City, follow US 180 south to the small town of Santa Clara and turn onto the Fort Bayard Medical Center access road. Pass the hospital complex by taking the right fork. Follow Forest Road 536 to the Fort Bayard Administrative Site Trailhead. Parking is 1/10 mile west of the junction of forest Roads 536 and 929

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