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Bird Watching at New Mexico Cabin Rentals.

New Mexico Cabin Rentals at Double E Ranch is Proudly Owned and Operated by Veterans of the United States Navy

Bear Creek meanders through New Mexico Cabin Rentals private riparian area at Double E Ranch and is home to hundreds of migratory and indigenous birds. Giant cottonwood and sycamore trees, piñon, juniper and live oak trees provide the perfect habitat for sighting and cataloging.

Bird watching:

Do you have a passion as an amateur ornithologist (bird watching)?  At the rental cabins at New Mexico Cabin Rentals and Guesthouses on Double E Ranch in southwestern (Gila) New Mexico you will find a wide array of bird fauna found at 5000' elevation in the Gila National Forest region. Approximately 339 bird species have been sighted. Of these, 166 species are known to breed on the Gila National Forest, 114 are more-or-less regular non-breeders, and 57 are considered to be casual or accidental. The numerous species of birds found is largely related to the diverse ecological habitat found on the Gila National Forest and surrounding regions

In the Gila National Forest, vegetation types range from spruce/fir forest high in the Mogollon Mountains to desert scrub and remnant grassland in the lower Burro Mountains. Small expanses of grassland are scattered in the higher ranges.

Generally, ponderosa pine is the dominant species at elevations between 6,000 and 7,000 feet. Somewhat higher, and in many canyons, is a mixed conifer forest typically dominated by Douglas-fir, often with Gambel's oak.

Woodlands of pinon pine, juniper and oak, in varying combinations, are present on drier sites throughout the forest. Riparian areas support rich deciduous or coniferous woodland and, locally, small areas of marsh or other open habitats. This great ecological diversity provides for a remarkably varied fauna. 

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