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The Village of Gila, New Mexico

Both the Village of Gila and the nearby town of Cliff were founded in 1884.  Located just 32 miles northwest of the eclectic town of Silver City NM,  Gila offers many conveniences and services necessary to comfortably enjoy southwest New Mexico at its best.  With its current population of about 35o, you won't find any traffic lights - not even a STOP sign where locals still ride their horses to through town. Separated by the legendary Gila River, Cliff/Gila offers everything you might need to comfortably and conveniently enjoy rural southwest New Mexico at its finest!

What You'll Find in Gila/Cliff  Near New Mexico Cabin Rentals

In Gila NM:

Artist Bonita Barlow

Bill Kaderly Gallery

The Gila Valley Library

The Gila Valley Medical Clinic

The Gila Valley Senior Center

The Gila Post Office

The Gila Valley Baptist Church

The Gila LDS Temple

In Cliff NM:

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Chuck's Folly Gas Station and Convenience Store

Tammy's Cafe

The Weather Network